hello to myself.
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homie(s) I'm Eliza. '95 Line. My height is 4'8 and I'm Asian so that's how my url came to be. This blog consists of kpop & other fun things. So, yeah.

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My lovely followers, senior year is almost at an end. It’s been good to me. I am committed and am a Drexel Dragon. I haven’t been keeping you guys up to date on my life, but yeah. I never thought I’d be here in my life so fast. If anyone has any tips for college in general feel free to leave me a message.


Thanks to adorebaek who sent in these links. This post was simply made for the one anon who asked where to watch FIRST EXO BOX DVD

And because I’m nice, here is a link to the EXO FIRST BOX DVD that will never get taken down…




whos planning on getting high tomorrow?? not me because im not a DISAPPOINTMENT TO JESUS